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VESTIGE | Science Fiction, Drama Feature Film

After the loss of her teenage daughter in a tragic accident,  OLIVIA subscribes to a tech service that provides an AI generated holographic replica so she can ‘interact’ with her daughter. Husband XAVIER disapproves, so Olivia does it in secret, creating distance between them. When Xavier discovers “AI Ally’, Olivia struggles to ‘unplug’ from her digital daughter. 

SOUTHBOUND SISTERS | Musical, Drama Feature Film

Two estranged sisters embark on a road trip across Australia in a bid to escape the older sister's abusive fiancé. With finances low and the looming threat of pursuit they turn to busking as a duo to fund their trip and rediscover their shared love for music and ultimately each other.

INTERLUDE | Musical, Drama Short Film

When a lonely musician, working nights as a shelf-filler, discovers a public piano, she confronts her stage fright and records her music, sparking an unexpected connection and musical collaboration with a stranger.

THE COLLECTIVE | Paranormal Horror, TV

When invited to audition for elite dance theatre troupe ‘The Collective’ at their isolated retreat, a gifted dancer finds herself ensnared in a high-stakes psychological competition that sees her question whether she will sacrifice her humanity to join them.

LAST REQUEST | Science Fiction, Drama, Short Film

Thrust into a nightmare she can't escape; a bitter and lost daughter is forced to reconnect with her estranged mother one last time.

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ALLY | 'Vestige' Proof of Concept (2024)

When a grieving mother turns to controversial A.I. technology to reconnect with her deceased daughter, she threatens her relationship with her husband.

PACKET MIX | Drama, Short Film (2021)


A young woman attempts to uphold the traditions she shared with her beloved father, one packet mix at a time.

STAGE FRIGHT | Supernatural Comedy, Short Film (2020)


In the high-stakes realm of nightmare production, an overbearing manager of the Dreams Department pushes her team to the brink to secure funding, driving them to rebel against her. 

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