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Taylor is a trained screen and stage actress in addition to her work as an art educator. She has familial ties to both Italy and the UK but grew up on the south coast of Western Australia. Taylor has wrapped on feature film 'Misplaced' by James Demitri, starring Matt Levett. She was also cast as a recurring character in TMGM's 'Max' TVC series. The last of which was played at the Australian Open.


Her latest short films 'The Purchase' (Becker Entertainment) and Last Call For Us (Chris Yip) have been selected in various festivals. Her love for filmmaking has seen her expand into the roles of director, writer, editor, producer and production design while acting in her latest short shot entirely on a smart phone, 'Packet-Mix'. Taylor wrote, directed and produced Sci-Fi short 'Last Request' in conjunction with 88 to 1 Productions.

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